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    is 5G technology coming fast?

    5G network, the 5G network is characterized by delays at an extremely low level, reaching only a few milliseconds (or even less). Relatively high delays are one of the basic problems of the current generation network, which practically prevents its use, for example, for network games.5G will enable you to integrate and connect large platforms hundreds of billions of sensors and devices - including those of everyday use, such as smartphones, computers, televisions, cars, smartwatches, wearables and household appliances. This means that smart refrigerators informing you about the need to replenish your supplies, remotely controlled lighting that automatically reacts to changing the time of day, whether smart washing machines that save energy will cease to be a technological curiosity and will reach more households.

    The 5G technology is coming fast, which will be a revolution in the world of wireless communication. If everything goes as planned, the 5G technology network is to change the digital world for the better, The more advanced the modulation technique, the more data can be sent through the ether using radio waves. There is always a rule: the lower the frequency, the more radio waves cover a larger area and have fewer problems with overcoming physical obstacles. The higher the frequency, the more information they can carry. The popularity of mobile devices, Digital Transformation solutions growing at a dizzying pace, forces the development of appropriate infrastructure. Users of smartphones and tablets consume more and more data. Unfortunately, not everything develops as we would like - many people can still dream of super-fast mobile Internet & more Digital Transformation solutions in the fourth generation (4G) network. It may seem surprising that the technology marked '' the fifth '' already appears on the horizon.

    The relationship between the signals used by mobile phones and the emergence of cancer will probably never be completely resolved. Opinions, how many people. However, the latest information, more and more frequently, about the introduction of the revolutionary 5G technology network builds tension. Some theories have already been made about its harmfulness. Ideally with optical fibers, which are cables made of a mixture of fiberglass and plastic, allowing data transmission using light. This allows for fast and above all stable access to the network, resistant to even weather conditions. Their creation in a straight line led to another evolution of the Internet - the 5G network, which is to become a new standard with a much higher bandwidth than the well-known 4G. This means reliability, speed and a wide maneuvering area for the Internet of Things.


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